Talk To 10-15 Ultra-Qualified Leads Per Month

Develop Relationships With An Unending Flow of  Your Ideal Prospects on LinkedIn


Your Next Steps...

First off, did you watch the complete video, above?

Great - Now That You've Watched It...Ask Yourself If You're Ready To Make A CHANGE. You've Seen The Steps In The Video - Are You Prepared To Do What It Takes To Create Your Own Strategic LinkedIn Leads Funnel?

              The fastest way to get this system implemented the RIGHT way:

=> Schedule your 1 on 1 Strategic BEEP Discovery Session to help you create a plan to execute. In the past we've charged up to $497 for these sessions, but for a limited time we're underwriting the cost as we branch out to a nationwide audience - only for a limited time.

Why are we doing this? Because just like you, we're in the business of building long-term relationships, and we know that "what goes around comes around."

You know that if you just let this go, chances are it won't happen, right?! -:) So take action NOW!

In this Discovery Session You Will Work With Our Coach to:

  • Identify exactly what in the Strategic BEEP process you have completed and what you need to develop
  • Assess the value of your present LinkedIn connections, profile and other assets
  • Decide exactly how long it will take you to begin seeing leads begin to come into your inbox
  • Take a look at your present cost per lead, lifetime value of a customer, and what you can expect for ROI on implementing the S-BEEP System
  • Determine if you're actually able to execute this plan yourself, of if you need outsourced support

Create Your Customize

S-BEEP Strategy

Get your pipeline overflowing with ultra-qualified leads

Turn them into ready buyers asking for your business

What People Are Saying:

"We set up our entire lead and sales system with Sales QB - and the targeted lead gen has been key. Without a steady flow of qualified leads, our salespeople are pretty much useless. SO glad for this system!"

Nataile Bobila

-Vice President, Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.

“The Linked2Leads program has provided us with a steady flow of qualified leads, just as promoted. There were some strategic adjustments we had to make in the beginning to get it right, but Henri and his team stuck with us all the way. 6 months in, we're getting so much activity on LinkedIn that I had to hire an assistant to keep up with it all! Highly recommended."

Ron Wills

- Founder, Founder, National Association of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (NABOE) &

   President, CEO Focus Maryland/DC Region

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